SPX - Will it crash?

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No 4 Hrs             chart this time (that has been bearish anyway, since SPX             is in a corrective move), just daily and weekly charts, to see the big picture.

Lot of people have a vision of a big crash, or at least the end of the bull mkt. Yes it is possible. The question is when and how it will come. Certanly stocks have been trading weak, as I wrote in my prev post also SPX             came under pressure. The breath indicators have a lot of problem, HYG             got hit, Russell is down more than 10 %, US10y             yield down again, etc. But, for example Gold             , is struggling to reverse (probably due to the still strong USD). Sometimes correlations work, soemtimes they don't, so let's just have a look at the technical picture.

Daily: Yes, again it looks like the trendline is in a real danger! So is the Kumo, Price seem to be breaking below. But if you look back in time, the same happened in Aug/2014, Feb/2014 Dip buyers always saved it. If we compare these "looked like a break" days, we can see that Slow Stoch was pretty much oversold, just like now.
I think sooner or later stock mkts will turn rather bearish , but I doubt they will suddenly collapse. Even in 2007 we had big pull backs before the major selloff. This time I have two scenarios in mind:
A) Price gets down to one of the major lower supports at 1928 or 1898. Then it will be a real bearish signal on the daily time frame, but with high probability by then we will see some recovery from the oversold territory, to retest the Kumo from the lows.
B) by some reason (eg. on back of ECB QE announcement), greed will dominate and dip buyers reverse mkts from this level.

Anyhow, if you have not yet enterred shorts, selling at current level is risky, and not a good risk-reward. Selling at current level will be a good risk reward after a pullback from the lows back here, together with indicators giving bearish swing signals.

Weekly: if you look at this chart, clearly hard to envision a collapse :-). Yes, I see that from the three accelerative bullish trend the steepest is penetrated. Good chance for Price to come down to 1890 or maybe even to 1830-1850, but still that would be only a healthy correction. Bear mkt you can talk about only below 1810. It can happen, but there will be big waves and a lot of nervous trading with a lot of pains on both sides. People just forgot about bigger moves and higher volaitility.
Yesterday price was down to 1928 support as I assumed in the A) scenario, then sharply reversed printing a huge hammer candle in the close! This is a very massive reversal candle! Slow Stoch is turning bullish again. Seems Bulls manage to save it once more, so I decided to close my shorts and hedge my Long Put options too.
There is a chance for one more dip today, but I think most likely that would be bought again. A close above 1957 can increase chances further that we see the bullish momentum returning. Higher resistances are at 1975 and around 2005. Next big question is even if we see bulls to get back in power, will they manage to reach or cross previous highs or not? As if they fail, then the big selloff will come. I am neutral here, indicators are getting mixed a bit. Just watching for now. Might try to buy some if we retest down to half of yesterday's candle
There is a lot going on in the world, I'm not going to bore anyone by listing the negatives. In addition an end to QE may be giving some pause for thought. Above 1991 it may recover. At the moment we are in the middle of a classic fibonacci wave pattern on the hourly chart which is only half completed and suggests a move at least to 1927.4 - there has been a lot of profit to be made on the indexes trading between supply and demand levels on 1hr and 4hr charts. I don't think we have seen the end of this story yet...
Its always hard to imagine a collapse but when the markets are just controlled by a bunch of drunk idiots who play with monetary policy to make the markets so smooth that they look like Argentina's since its bond default. Its hard for them to see an interruption too:
SPX has very little and thin support holding it up here...

The fed did the same thing in 1929 and the markets looked the same...very few people thought it could end.
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well, yes partly I can agree, but both in '29 and in '87 the circumstances were a lot different in the real economy. E.G. in '87 rates were high and there was a massive blow in inflation...still no one really knows until today what really caused the market crash, I mean what was the real trigger. '29 was again a different reason for the mkt collapse.
This time the global printing caused extreme asset inflation, while the consumer prices still not picking up, or actually in Europe there is a serious risk of a deflation. I think central bankers fckd it up in a big way. But the real collapse will come when the global debt mkts once ever realise the debt is so huge and so much is monetized that basically most of the countries are in default, and the central banks will be in default too technically. Ok, central banks will be able to print money again, but then the "modern" fiat ccy system will once totally collapse. The real endgame will be something new, something totally unexpected, which not even Mr. Soros, or Mr. Dalio can think of now. We will see a strange combo of lot of different meltdowns. My idea is finally that bond holders globally all around the world will loose 50-70 % of their savings on global defaults and commonly agreed debt write down. There won't be any other slution if they will like to save the current fiat ccy system and the "real" economy which has been based on growth of a totally fckd up FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) system.

That is also fckn insane. Why the fckn hell would anybody need an iPhone6???? What the fck is the problem with iPhone4 or 5? It knows the same, no real improvement. The whole global consumer system is based on pushing the different level of customers hoarding newer stuff, while everybody really knows those are useless. Meanwhile there is a massive "internal inflation". While prices of goods and services don't grow that quickly, the quality of goods and services has been deteriorating a lot in the last 10-20 years. So basically there is inflation, just not in the form of CPI or GDP defl. increase.
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