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It was only a matter of time and timing for Greece to effect. The three drivers should complete here. They won't change, people do not change, they will not accept austerity and make do with less and work hardy to repair their land, when you feed them by hand, they loose the fight to hunt for themselves. Why work, when you get paid not to? We have become an entitled society, world wide now, expecting someone else to dig the hole, fix the thing, hunt for food. i.e., Apple             keeps coming out with new products "we just have to have" (no we don't). No apple             watch for me. I predict this release of this product will be the peek and undoing of that cycle. Am I so lazy that I need a watch on my wrist to tell me "how I feel today". Really, come on now. Soon, a car will drive for me, and then they will say I need some AI tech gadget to think for me. Really? We've printed, borrowed, lied, cheated, stolen, to pay for unecessary entitlements, when the needed entitlement, for those who cannot help themselves, are so in debt they cannot be funded. So will we say to the crippled and blind that we cannot help them out because those who can help themselves have ripped off and taken advantage of the system so much that we cannot pay for their food and clothing? Or, let's raise taxes to pay for this addiction to laziness? I am old enough to have seen this cycle play out a couple times, have you? Enough! The market needs to correct, it is good for it. People who can work should at least do community service hours in order to get their food stamps. There is a lot that needs to be done, and it is better for them.