SPY MACD says bottom hit today 1:30PM

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Wow what a moment, exciting. Closed my TZA             positions at 1:30 PM. And watching this very very closely. Russell acting very strong today, against the SPY             and DOW failing big time early, and recover late. Not buying TNA             . Might be a trap. If the big money goes all in long, buying this dip,even call options, and the world does not cooperate, oh boy, watch out, major hurt, if we descend down to the next trend support line in only a couple days. Or we recover in a channell bouncing trend. staying neutral for this moment. tomorrow another day.
Why is the MACD saying we have hit a bottom?
claydoctor vlad.adrian
Just about at its lowest extreme (oversold). RSI already there. No where to go but up, HOWEVER its all relative. back out ten years, and the MACD still has room to run. qualified the statement I hope. I am not convinced of anything this evening. The after market earnings news has the market down further. Lets see how we open.