Omicron BUY alert!

Buy anything that has a good price according to the companies value (look at price targets) and/or your own opinion. Plus your favourite companies and some of the very beaten down ones too, as long as they don't go out of business anyway! But that's obvious.
OK, tech is still overpriced, so the SPY could even correct back (or go sideways for long) while biotech, REITs or whatever that was undervalued so far - can go UP.

Real pandemic (science) or hyped plandemic (you have the right to believe anything) :D whichever you believe in, doesn't matter in this regard.
Sure, more and more cases, much faster spread...right? This is all good news though, as this new variant (Omicron) is more likely our real hope to get out of this whole Covid situation by "letting it" (figuratively speaking) spread so wide, almost everyone would get it, and that's the point, as this weak variant is much-much less likely to cause serious harm as the others we had before and so far. This way all, even the unvaccinated will develop immunity (even though some will die) and as a population in terms of survival... so, this is how we can most likely come out of the problem in the fastest way with the least casualties. This is math I'm talking about, so don't even try to go back to that fear mongering state of mind you see from the media.

This is the scientific consensus each time on that a virus is a very potent cr and it's goal is to spread and NOT to kill. And as it's very rapidly gaining in all aspects: it gets more transmissible and less harmful, finally becomes like the average flu! And that we already know and live together with for ages now! Case solved. Economy BACK.

Ted Bauman got me thinking when he was sharing data on S.Africa the other day and said "lots of cases, zero death of children" or something like this, but the implications of this cut my attention.

So, wake up everyone! We have a bright future!

PS: buy the ones that no one is interested in buying now. Like IVR, OBSV, HEXO, TXMD or even RSLS, WISH, oh and LMND is very good! Consider Lemonade, I wrote about them already. Plus even BABA in China is going to be OK and just fine in the future. And just so you know, I'm a BTC lover and a Tesla fan too. I liked IBM also, the same way in the 1999/2000 and 2001 period. And so on for an other 5-7 years (and ever since). Because they were the best, the top, that's it, end of story. Still, you understand now why it wasn't a good investment between 1999-2008 or so, I don't remember now exactly, but you get the idea. Yeah OK, history doesn't repeat itself. But often can rime! And with what Ted says, it could be a perfect harmony. (ha-ha plus he plays the guitar)

Technicals: look good too. Get yourself up and join one of the "Buy The Dip" crowds. According to what we learnt from David Frost, this is a buying area (for some stocks). But it's Your responsibility to determine for which ones.
Trade safe, but even better: invest.

Oh and change it to the 100 Day MA please!


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