Huge week. Spy can go higher

Spy can continue running as i expect huge earnings from $TSLA $AAPL $MSFT $GOOG $AMZN $FB
Buckle your seat belts its gonna be a wild ride.
Trade active: $ES_F looks like a elliott triangle wave. about to break out


Stop with this huge predictions please . Enough is enough . Even if FANG report huge earnings they are going down. SPY is holding on a hair . Come on man . NVDA is the only stock i have a bit hope , but if 195 option calls are valid it should of break it and hold above today . it is going to wide ride down . most people started building shorts from today , others from tommorow , a few will wait till friday . Come on man downside is finally ooking possible this unhealthy market needs correction otherwise everyone will loose
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moneysignSean mariyan15135931
@mariyan15135931, what is your thesis on why it is going to go down?
mariyan15135931 moneysignSean
@moneysignSean,i dont use safty belts most of time . if you consider August shoud be weak finally. i hold short the only stock that has up potential MRNA :)
Look at STRAT . this is strategy that use trend line broadaning formtion . When I started my trading chalange a year ago I was night and day learned more by my mistakes . I feel like I have been onmarket for 10 years , but I was every day and a lot of sleepless nights doing backtesting . So far I have predicted every down correction but always a bit earlier :) . I love my own trend lines as I see you do as well , but there a lot more secrets in trend lines than just patterns recognition . Some of this trend line cross over at infliction points ( in time and price ) so you can predict the next big move , not to mention when they cross with horizontal lines :) . I did checked hundreds of popular indicators as well , but latelly try to improve VWAP Anchore and Diviation channels. aaa as well Pitchforks are great as well . using this with Voulume profile is very strong set up . I try to stick with few stocks but it is really hard and easilly get distructed . I am looking to find another broker TOS is great but it is supper slow and the REVERSE button is market execution double fuck me big on spred when you reverse position