Strategic Education, Inc. (STRA): Techno-Fundamental Investment

NASDAQ:STRA   Strategic Education, Inc
Techno-Fundamental Mix:
From the 2009 - 2010 financial crisis levels (purple box on the left), Strategic Education's stock ( STRA ) was in a distribution phase and on the verge of collapsing with the business cycle of the macroeconomic scale of the U.S. economy. From the $240ish price level and by August 2010, STRA gave up the ghost, falling to $34 by 2014, where it found a bottom. However, today, in the year 2019, I have observed that the company's fundamental background looks stable again. It can be observed that investors picked up on this evidenced by the gradual run up in price from $34 to $180ish. This area marks the lows of the 2008 pre-financial crisis era, where price has paused.

Given the backdrop of the company and the recent macroeconomic trend, I believe that, going forward, STRA will reach the all time highs of the $240- $260 level, where I believe it will pause a little again. While this stock may seem to be shielded from the effects of a trade war, overall market factors still knocks this stock around a bit; however, given the multi-faceted trend of this company and its stock, even a pullback to $150 is still a good investment.