SUPN - Expect further downward pressure before continuing higher

NASDAQ:SUPN   Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc

LH/LL since peaking at 23.30. From the chart, I don't see any evidence indicating this pattern has changed. There is convergence on the RSI . For now, I expect this pattern to continue.

I have been long since 3/21/2013. My average share price is $5.65. Hindsight...it would have been wise to have sold 1/2 of my position when price was over $20 at 300% gain.

I have a collar in place ( insurance ), but it is set to expire 1/15/16.

I like this stock long-term and do not plan on selling at this price. I am evaluating rolling my collar out further. I am also evaluating at what price i would consider adding to my position.

Unfortunately, this stock is NOT a good candidate to sell covered calls and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.