Hungry for SUSHI

1) SUSHI entered a small uptrend a week ago, but couldn't sustain it with the rest of the crypto market dumping.
2) SUSHI hugged the downside for a bit, but nothing crazy like the BTC dumping hardcore. This is a sign of strength.
3) Volatility declined, which is normal in the summer months.
4) The range expanded to the upside, triggering another uptrend.

Stats are from 1/1/2020 to current using ~2% risk.

Entry: immediate
Stop: $1 below entry, trailing or fixed stop
Target: open. Exit when the trend changes.

SUSHIswap brought in $75mm USD in revenue for May '21. This isn't a vaporware project, SUSHI is legit. I like trading coins that are backed by working projects which generate revenue, not stupid memes like the dog coins which are just copy/paste versions of other coins. SUSHIswap is the second largest DeFi exchange behind UNISWAP, which means everyone should pay attention!

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