SXP is owned by binance and the future is bullish

The fact that it is owned by binance attracted me to follow this coin.
I might eat my hat if we don't climb out of there properly. And I can freely eat my hat because the stop loss is low lol haha
I have worked through many different options, can the price really go up a lot now, then there is a chance that it won't.
1) The minimum level or slightly more can be point B
2) Looks like bnb and btc will stay red in August
3) It is likely to drop sharply around 10 percent on significant volume, resulting in a strong uptrend. currently no volume

Such a result can come after 2-3 weeks
This is my opinion, I could be wrong

Measure 9 times, cut once.
I'm out now just in case
a place to get 20 percent profit
The strong pump that began in March showed a market capitalization of about 500 million (coin$0.9). the market peak was around 800 million (coin$5.5). it will take several billions to reach the highest peak which this coin has not seen before. At the moment, the value is 150 million(coin$0.26). From this we can see that the total number of sxp coins in the market has increased
Since it has a long pin like many of the other coins I track, I don't think it's a bad buy right now. The pattern is similar to the others in the small chart. I believe it will break the ultra candle top at 0.9398 at some point.
This is a binance coin and it is needed and binance is not dying.
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