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SYLO Decentralized Communication

Sylo Encryption
"All messages, voice calls, video calls, and file transfers on the Sylo Platform are end-to-end encrypted, which means only you and your intended recipients can see the content of what is sent."

Decentralised Messaging
"The difference is that the Sylo Smart Wallet is decentralised because it's built on the Sylo Network. This is how online communication should be - provided by many parties so there is no single point of control. Combined with military-grade encryption, your communications are truly secure"

SOLID Fundamentals
"Technology for an advancing world
Apps, Infrastructure and Tools for deploying, managing and using Smart Money."
"Sylo is an ecosystem made up of digital consumer wallet software, applications, infrastructure & developer tools to usher in a world of Smart Money."
"Sylo is an international software development house founded in 2010.
Committed to decentralisation, they are the core developers of the Sylo Network, Sylo Protocol and Sylo Smart Wallet."
- From Sylo Network Website: sylo . io

& Awesome Tokenomics!
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2,431,617,492 SYLO 24%
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