Forecast for JUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V. 2014-2026

Over the period from 2014 to 2026, JUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V. has navigated through significant volatility and is charting a course for potential recovery. The historical performance shows a sharp decline from earlier highs, reflecting the challenges faced in the market. Notably, a period of consolidation appears to have occurred around 2024, with the share price stabilizing at around €13.

In this period, various strategic positions were taken as indicated by the 'Long' and 'Short' markers on the chart. These moves possibly reflect investor sentiment and market reactions to the company's financial health and growth prospects.

Looking forward, a significant upturn is forecasted. By the start of 2026, the projection indicates a substantial increase in the share price to €20.50, which translates to a gain of 157.69% over the next two years (730 days). This optimistic forecast could be underpinned by the strong growth estimates previously discussed, suggesting a turnaround in the company's fortunes.

The projected share price of €33.50 by January 1st, 2026, further solidifies this outlook, embodying a bullish scenario for the company. This turnaround is presumably driven by the anticipated growth, successful new ventures, restructuring efforts, or other positive corporate developments expected to bear fruit in the coming years.

Investors considering this forecast should remain cognizant of the inherent uncertainties and risks in such long-term projections. Market conditions, competitive dynamics, management decisions, and broader economic factors could all significantly impact the actual future performance of JUST EAT TAKEAWAY.COM N.V.

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