Estimated price can not be calculated

The estimated price for this share that I would otherwise like to suggest can not be calculated at this time. It seems that the company misses around 3 euros per average transaction on their platform in order to sustain itself within the loop of the restaurants, which are important actors bringing in value. This is based on my own data, so don't go for it all in, but as my followers on Twitter know I already predicted this collapse in the summer of 2021. You can find these by searching for '@dokterteunis just eat' on Twitter Search. You could thus already have profited from my insights just by following me. Besides the probable problem of the missing 3 euro's, the issue of the collapsing Euro that makes the USD debt the company acquired through new US holdings will dampen the budget even further. The company is not unique at all, but a copy-cat software clone of which there are many other services (saas) available. For this reason this stock seems completely unwanted for the near term, hence the collapse. How the future will play out is however uncertain and Just Eat could regain strength once it is more clear how it going to sustain itself and what specific value only Just Eat can add to the market she is actually delivering to these markets.

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