BATS:TLRY   Tilray Brands, Inc.
This chart is pretty explanatory, and probably doesn't require much explanation.
I'm bullish on this stock.
I'm 90% sure Dems push cannabis legislation through as it's a bipartisan issue for the most part, and will look good for both parties pre election. Starts with credit cards and banks, imo.
Don't follow green line path as gospel, it is often incorrect, but helps me plan a preliminary "ideal" path based on indicators. It helps with backtracking predictions, and keeping emotions in check, as you know what "past you" saw.

I like 1.89 as a big time buy target, but it could easily go lower.
Relevant trends and targets marked.
Watch out, current trends are showing the run-up into earnings, which would allow for a drop.
Does this mean anything? Not always, but it's good to note.
current bullish price movement doesn't have to end if rejection trends and targets start to break and confirm.

Good luck!
Careful on this trend break. This is a pretty significant trend break. Downside favored in the short term.
However, my opinion is still bullish long term until the charts show otherwise.
Very close to a buy target.
Buying into this dip definitely comes with a favorable percentage chance for bulls. Nothing is ever 100% certain.
Obviously be careful, but GME and Jan 28th are big dates.
If one squeezes, they will all go. TLRY included.

Good luck!
BE READY, IF price catches and jumps, it will be soon.
Again, just because my drawn line has been close to price action doesn't mean you should follow it for future movements, every moment we head into the future, the odds will change for each likely to occur movement, and it can really start to move away from the line.
Instead focus on the trend breaks and price targets.
Good luck everyone!!
Anyone catch the move today?
Congrats, if so
If not, no reason to panic into a trade that doesn't favor you. There will always be another chance to buy, and if not on this stock, another.
Having said that, there is more upside in the charts and there may still be +9% days in the future.

Because it relates.
GME has basically hit the make or break it point in price targets. As in, it holds and sees a similar move to the upside that TLRY saw, or it breaks and sees a big drop, where it starts to favor the bullish position even more.
When meme stocks move, they move fast, but they also retrace profits just as quickly. Be careful, but be greedy.
Under $2 is a nice range to start buying again. Especially if it holds 1.98 or so.
Seems about as favorable as a buy zone or price target as you get at the moment.
Because it is important and still a very real possibility that it breaks lower and lower, the price targets on the low side would be horrible in terms of percentage.

If we close below that strong support zone, exit trades or switch to bear for the short term.
I would like to see it hold 1.96 on the day. I'm still bullish. If price drops to 1.89, I might use it as an opportunity to buy more with the favorable odds.
It's around 30% gain if these trends and price targets continue to hold.
big support line forming, if we break under this support, be careful because the downside potential is huge. If not, very bullish looking until we see more trends form.
Really big support here. Will be a bit of a surprise if it breaks down.
Well that was fun, huh?
Careful at these levels, but you'll likely need a new chart as this one is overextended and old.
I think this will be the last update for this specific TLRY chart.
Feel free to toss out any questions concerning the chart, stock or whatever..
This is probably a buy the dip type of moment.
Be careful because they can always pull it much lower.


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