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Simple DIVERGENCE and VOLUME FLOW trading.
Spend more time fishing and less time analyzing with the Fisher Transform


I've noticed that sometimes you use Chaikin Money Flow other times Williams %R, do you have any rule when to apply which, does it depend on liquidity of the equity?
nmike SubZero
Hello.Basically the Fisher Transform is kept at 144(Fibonacci #)for daily charts, the usual setting for W%R is normally at 100 but I change this one according to the past volatility of the security.The W%R displays a strong trend when it's above -20 and below -80. The money flow depends on the liquidity of the security.Before I set the look back periods I check at what they look like historically.Most times you can get away by just using the Fisher Transform,200MA and DIVERGENCES.The look back periods are adjusted for weekly charts.