$TNB New Entry Level

Time New Bank! The name is quite attractive for me tho. The first time i ran into their website i almost got into misconcepcion about the MIT syllables which i thought it was the Massachusetts institute technology Institute Technology. After i read more, i smiled to myself. It is MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). Okay, nice marketing though.

I need to install the platform first. On the website it define as "The worlds first and only international time trading platform!". As i'm experiencing with the platform i think this one is a great platform which actually need a mass marketing tho. Even at the first me myself kind confuse about it but everything is nice.

They use TNB as incentive for the users. Plus poin that they are already release both Android and iOS mobile apps.

As I'm looking at the chart right now this one is kinda overbought so I think it need some time to chill a bit, but i will watch on the daily candle for confirmation for short term beneficial entry.

At the moment I will put buy order @ 152 sats as first entry then @ 130 sats as second entry. the resistance is 194 sats as it the closest fibonacci line that i draw @ 0.236 level.

If all of these ideas I posted helps you, give them thumbs up, shares, comments and follow me. If you have a suggestion, just fill in the comment sections or message me. Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks a lot!

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