TRX Daily Analysis: Bounce Incoming

On all time frames, TRX /Tron is MORE THAN LIKELY, to see a bounce today; this will see a minimum of 5% gains during the course of the day.

What do the charts show? 


On all time frames, TRX is illustrating that we will see a bullish reversal from 370 sats onwards.
A move down to 371 without going below it would indicate that is the local bottom before bouncing to retest the previous resistance at 399 Sats .
Volume has been decreasing hour on hour, Nouvive Intelligence finds that this coincides with an ultra volatile move.
There are some volume gaps to be filled including one at 386 Sats .
Market Sentiment has been increasing day on day with more traders/investors entering into TRX positions.

A break from the trendline and inability to catch and go below 369 Sats would indicate that we will see 356 Sats retested.
Nouvive Says: If you are lucky enough to enter between 370/371 sats , that will be the bottom, however any position up till 380 with a stop loss from 399 Sats would provide you at the minimum 5% gains.