TRON/BTC May See a 2nd Top of a Double Top in Near Future

I decided to focus on indicators rather than Wyckoff in this TA. Wyckoff Method works better on USD pairs rather than BTC pairs. Why? Because BTC's value is still determined in FIAT (USD, EUR, YEN, YUAN, etc...)

I have not done ANY research for Tron to come up with any amount of Fundamental Analysis Support. Those of you who support Tron more than likely have done research for your Fundamental Analysis . Maybe what I've provided in Technical Analysis will be helpful in conjunction with your fundamental analysis to help you make the best trading decision.

Thanks for following and your support. My reputation could not be where it is today without your support.

Happy Trading!

Comment: 3-Day TF:

Comment: Update on the 3-Day TF: Looks like that 3rd hump up with the green line in the 3-Day TF is in play.

Comment: Especially, if you got in rather low, I would consider placing a "Trailing Stop" on your order while it's going up to lock in profits. Be sure to set an alarm as your trailing stop moves up in case it's triggered.

If your trailing stop is triggered, do NOT get back in with all your profits. Only get in with no more than 25% of your profits WITH A TRAILING STOP in my opinion. 25% in case it continues up even higher after your trailing stop is triggered. If it ends up only being a bear trap and the bottom ends up falling out with stair stepping back down, you had only a percentage loss on that 25% you got back in with rather than a larger loss if you went back in with everything you have gained up to this point.
Comment: I look at it like a hand of Texas No Limit Holdem. However, I make it "LIMIT" Hold'em with the trailing stops to LIMIT my losses in order to PROTECT gains. Protecting gains is a way of protecting your chip stack in no limit Hold'em.

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