Trump versus Musk battle.

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Dear Traders,
As it is not a good time to trade currency nor the bonds (fixed income trading) due to the high uncertainty in the market, I thought I will update an equity opportunity for you all. To be said that I AM NOT GOING TO trade this only and only because I am not an equity trader.
Anyway, the main point is that I am sure most of you have heard about the Tesla’s new product, the Solar roof, which today, Musk claimed to be less costly than a normal roofing. This by itself can raise a lots of questions because there is no way for Tesla             to make those solar roofing at a cheaper price than a normal roofing. I believe they either try to subsidize the roof instead of repurchasing their own share which would have decrease their number of outstanding share in the market that by itself could have a huge impact on the money flow of the company. Tesla             simply cannot effort it at this time or the alternative scenario is that they are planning to make money from the setup or the maintenance of these solar roofs. (It is not a conspiracy theory; I have a degree in biomedical engineering with a focus in Carbon Fibers so I am almost 99% confident in what I am saying.)
My main idea behind the Tesla             introducing their new product is that Musk could have predicted the outcome of the election or at least tried to have a plan B if the results gone wrong (Tesla’s deal with Mercedes-Benz is an example). As we all know, the results gone wrong and this is a way for him to get out of destruction. Tesla’s solar roof is kind of a savior for tesla             company with the current EPA appointee and the President whom not only do not believe in global warming and clean energy but one of his campaign promises was to maximize the fossil fuels production.
Please import the chart so you can see the indicators and all the technical tools I utilized. I really believe that next week could determine a future for Tesla             and The United States Auto industry. Be sharp for the signals coming out of Trump Tower.
Trade consciously,
Trade active