TVK: Accumulation Manipulation and Distribution to $0.16

Exciting developments in the crypto space as TVK (ThetaFuel) follows a trajectory similar to LINK, experiencing a prolonged accumulation phase within a range. The recent shakeout below the range, swiftly followed by a sharp recovery back within, sets the stage for a potential upward move. Anticipating a retest at the 0.5 imbalance level around $0.036, with the first target set at $0.16. Let's delve into the details. 📈💼

TVK's Accumulation Breakout:

Range-Bound Accumulation: TVK has undergone an extended period of accumulation within a defined range, resembling the scenario observed with LINK.

Shakeout and Recovery: A recent shakeout below the range swiftly followed by a sharp recovery back within signals a potential accumulation breakout, reminiscent of LINK's historical movements.

Key Price Levels:

Retest at $0.036: Anticipating a retest at the 0.5 imbalance level around $0.036. This level serves as a critical point to observe for confirmation of the bullish momentum.

First Target: $0.16: Upon successful retest and confirmation, the first target is set at $0.16. Achieving and sustaining this level could pave the way for further upward momentum.

Trading Strategy:

Observing Retest: Patiently observe the retest at $0.036, ensuring it aligns with supportive price action and volume for confirmation.

Strategic Entry: Consider strategic entry points based on the confirmed retest, aligning with your risk tolerance and trading strategy.

Risk Management: Implement risk management tools such as stop-loss orders to mitigate potential downside risks.


TVK's accumulation breakout, resembling the pattern seen with LINK, presents an exciting opportunity for traders. A retest at $0.036 followed by a potential rally to $0.16 is on the horizon, offering a dynamic landscape for crypto enthusiasts.

Wishing you successful trades on the TVK journey!

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