UCAR a penny China stock now at bottom 300X upside LONG

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UCAR, a NASDAQ penny stock and a Chinese auto dealership enterprise is experiencing a huge

relative volume spike. UCAR had a great week in very active trading.

Now priced at about 0.07 per share, my near term target is 1.58

representing a consolidation pivot on the chart.

The all time high is the is 300X upside more or less. This is a risky play. It could get delisted

although NASDAQ will give it some more quarterly reports to make a case for regulatory

compliance and stock price stability I will take a small position here given the

risk. Warren Buffet got in on the cheap with BYD over the counter, he has been massively

rewarded for his very large position. Retail traders can make good profits with undervalued

penny stocks. I think that this right now is one of them. I will use a zig zag strategy

to take profits at high pivots and add into the position at low pivots along the way.
Trade active:
Zoomed to 3 minutes time frame - Thursday was the pivot bottom for the week,
Friday showed 14% gain from the pivot

Trade active:
10R Tick Chart shows the overnight trade from the pivot an excellent 38% return

Stock Pattern on Zoom- Symmetrical Triangle