Will Great Britain ever leave the European Union? Let's discuss

A short rise before... 
The price of the FTSE100 broke the resistance on the upside: now is destined to go to test the key level identified by the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement place to 7340 points. From here the possibilities that continues upward past him and confirming a weekly close above are relatively low; it is more probable that, once it is brought close to that level, it reverses bringing itself again in area 7100 points.

London: in or out ?
The fundamental scenario remains unchanged: investors and markets are still trying to understand how the "Brexit" issue will develop, as for now it is not yet clear when and if Britain will actually leave the European Union. On Wednesday Prime Minister May will bring his agreement to the parliament: if he is rejected for the third time, there may be a scenario that seemed remote a few weeks month ago: the request by the EU to postpone this exit. To conclude, Theresa May said that if Parliament does not support the Brexit agreement, there is the possibility that Britain "will not leave the EU for many months, perhaps never". We will await Wednesday's developments.