FTSE100 Tries To REVIVE itself

FTSE 100 has suffered enough! This bloodshed must not go on any longer for the sake of the UK and its economy!

Major support hit. Ranging below that, we could be in for some serious turmoil which I really do not wish to experience first hand. If it maintains its support level , we could see a slow range up to the three targets listed. We shall have to see how it plays out. No stop loss because I'm confident in this one. A big statement to make on such a volatile index, but I have belief that, come the period following the bank holiday, we can revive this index. I hope so anyway - otherwise there may be some serious burnage.
Trade active: Now trading back at the level I anticipated :)


trouble? :(
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LindellBrown virtualtechie11
@virtualtechie11 Didn’t work out as great as I intended - now looking like a healthy recovery though.