✳️ Uniswap Prepares For A 150% Bullish Wave

This is the technology of the future, Cryptocurrencies.
And this is one of the exchanges of the present, Uniswap.

This is a pretty nice exchange, the app is neat and works nicely.
You can trade many Cryptos without an intermediary, safe and effective.

The chart for this pair, UNIBTC is looking really good and talks good about the overall health of the Cryptocurrency market.

Let's look at it together shall we?

  • UNIBTC hit bottom May 2022.
  • After this May bottom a bullish breakout took place and this produced a 192% bullish wave.
  • Here is the interesting part, this wave so far has corrected by only 33%, which is perfectly normal for Cryptocurrencies and highly strong. Cryptos tend to correct between 20-35% after a bullish move before continuing higher.
  • The correction took its price to the 0.5 Fib. retracement level and recently we have a double bottom at 0.0002712.
  • Last and very important, it's been more than 7 months that UNIBTC remains at these strong levels after a major breakout... A long consolidation phase. Consolidation phases of this sort can last 1-3 months when the action is hot but since we are looking back to May 2022, the action was pretty bearish back then, in this type of scenario, consolidation can take as long as 8 months... Sometimes less, hardly more.

As you can see by these signals, Uniswap is preparing for another jump. Since volume is pretty low, this signals that the real growth, the real action, the real buying, is yet to come.

Huge potential here but remember to have a plan if you decide to trade because the pair can break down rather than up... If it breaks down, think long-term, my best decision is always to hold.

If it breaks up... No complexities, that's a success, just enjoy the profits on the way up.

Enjoy your life.
Enjoy your Sunday.
Enjoy your rest.

This is the calm before the bullish storm.
It is about time now... Boost & Follow!


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