CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Is this the end of the road and the final destination before a huge correction?
Volume has waned to dribbles as we approach the zone.
We would expect increased buying at higher prices...this void serves the warning.
Smaller daily candles and an eerie quiet.

Tops take time, major tops take forever.
Turns are more often subtle than sudden....last March caught out the naked swimmers.
Can a negative event coincide with the trendlines's almost as if the market knows in advance the outcome approaching.

Few now believe the market can correct, dulled by the Fed's goosing.
Those long enough in this game know different despite it "being different this time".
We have little faith or trust in world Governments and central banks, their shenanigans and outright rigging is shameful.
Honesty and integrity are gone, no wonder some folks behave badly...they emulate those in power.

The top trendline is absolute critical to our case and we suggest buying puts as a low risk entry.
Further, watch the black arrow line break for a first confirmation.

Any serious move higher will negate our bearish stance...we don't expect this to happen as probabilities suggest otherwise.

An interesting period is here - watch the "news"

Good trading!


I have to say...I was reading this tripping balls on LSD thinking the same damn thing and then suddenly like a can of paint bursting over the edge when beautiful colors started putting the green back into my account and I got me in a Buy. The whole thing is manipulating the heck outta the working class though.
Fractal777 offgridder
@offgridder, The manipulation is across the board at all levels...good luck with your buy.
sodapop1 Fractal777
@Fractal777, crazy days but the buy did end up paying off.
Fractal777 sodapop1
@sodapop1, A buy against all evidence pays off...defying.