CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Has the market exhausted itself and topped?
Choppy action this week with light volume rallies and heavier to the downside.
Our upper boundary was breached and what can be termed a throwover.

The boy who cries wolf will be right in the end, calling the top has been fruitless.
Bulls just stampede onwards and ignore any risk.
The true bears sit in their corners and patiently wait...quiet but dangerous.

In my 20 years of trading, there has been nothing to match this pumped illusion.
A correction is healthy, but they won't let it pullback.
This proves the fragility of a synthetic rig...too many on the wrong side.

Any event or catylst will trigger a tsunami of selling and contagion.
Sentiment is ignoring another black swan.

We wait for our signal.

Good trading!


I think it's in bubblish territory too..I am also patiently waiting for a big correction..thnks for the analysis
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listening to you with an adept ear... thank-you
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Fractal777 offgridder
@offgridder, Thank you!..something big coming.
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BontuSessay Fractal777
@Fractal777, how far down do you see it coming?
Fractal777 BontuSessay
@BontuSessay, Early to predict but this bubble is the biggest and so should the correction match.
Super interested in your next post. The energy this week and last week has altered comparatively since I began trading in January. Everytime that eerie feeling occurs something drastic happens.