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When did the Dow last have 10 red down days in a row?
Our last idea called for one more to trigger the break and complied.
The market blames the Fed for indicating that rates could rise in a few years time?...the truth is that the market fell on any excuse and insiders given a heads up to get out!

Days prior to the 11th September 2001 event, the market selling was evident.
SEC of course found nothing to see.
Perhaps we flush down on Monday and support bounces us before the next leg down?

15 months of rise has clearly snapped, many bulls will not react to this signal yet...instead they hold in hope of getting out at better prices.

In the U.S in 1976... 40 Million people were vaccinated against the H1N1 variant of flu.
At least 25 people died and the authorities pulled it because of these adverse reactions.

Today in the U.S over 170M have had one injection and 5300 folks have died with this injection and yet it's full steam ahead.
The average age of death is 80 with at least 2-3 underlying diseases and they are "labelled" a covid death.
They will NOT disclose the average age of a covid injection death.

There should be virtually ZERO deaths from this injection.

Last year the CDC claimed that folks were dying from Covid, now they are claiming that underlying conditions are the cause of death and not the injection.
Why has the entire world been hoodwinked?....mass propaganda and fear to convince them that this experimental injection is safe and effective and a better alternative than dying from their illusionary plague.

Come six months from now, we will witness a real scene of folks literally dropping dead from this russian roulette. Then their answer will be yet another injection as they blame a "variant".

Good trading and God Bless