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Last week we gave the good chance that markets are off on another rally.
This can be unpleasant for the bears to read or believe....we move our emotions aside.
Your trading account and psyche will be impaired when refusing to recognise or accept losses.

The Fed this week mentioned speculation by the retail investor as risky!
Would this be the same entity who have flooded the U.S economy with TRILLIONS of free money that have dripped into the publics arms and boomed a recovery so hot?
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
The Fed mentions inflation as transitory and no worries....they are jammed now to continue never ending stimulus and bigger.
You can bet inflation is somewhere nearer 10% right now and going up thanks to their reckless freebies.
Looking deeper into the Fed inflation number hoax...our advice is to buy up assets of stored value, such as PM's, some crypto and selected investments that hold their own or hedge against the coming inflationary collapse.

Complacency reigns supreme today, no terrorisim, no wars, no black swans or clouds...just coincidental of course.
Just when nirvana seems possible and the stars are comes out of nowhere.
Back in October we stated that presidents are selected and NOT elected.
Being no fan of any leader or is from a nuetral point of view that we suggest the so called "President of the U.S" is incoherent and could well be out of a job this year, considering his deteriorating mentality....of course it could be all theatre to usher in Harris?
How would this effect least a sizable correction?

Thereafter it is possible that markets could actually rise again and continue as stimulus is increased to create the same junkie effect. It is entirely possible that we end up with global markets turning into hyper inflated bubbles like the Weimar republic of the 20's - 30's...that would spell disaster for those unhedged and exposed to ravaging inflation ...we are talking a few years only.
What better method of inflating away those gigantic debt conveinient!

So, markets are dynamic and change like good traders....what do we do to protect or profit?

Again, it's any asset that's inflationary correlated.... gold and especially silver will out perform.
Massive fiat printing is so good for these sought after valuables..they are physical and thousands of years can't print them.
The end game is already in place, we are living in the final stages...a one world economy, digital currency, government and green utopia are to come soon.
2020 was the beginning of the new normal...there will be change courtesy of the Cabal to enforce strict life changes permanently. Their vision is easy when the sheeple comply through pressure and deceit.

Good trading!

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