[USDCAD] May 8, 2020 - ALuoTradingJournal

FX:USDCAD   U.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar
Looking at my previous Analysis and the indicator left on the chart.
I believe it has been a great success trade.
Where I would like to come back to update on USDCAD again.
Lets pray for another big trend success !

I have been sharing the ideas in my WeChat group, but havent got a chance to update elsewhere.
I'm doing my best to come back to show you all my lovely ideas, and hope you guys enjoy !

Main Trend for long term: Short Position

Resistance Level Entry1: 1.42100
Resistance Level Entry2: 1.43500
Resistance Level Entry3: 1.45200

All final short position SL: 1.47500 ( Anything breaks this resistance, all short positions will change to long position strategy.)
TP Resistance level1: 1.39700
TP Resistance level1 (Ideal TP): In between 1.363500 ~ 1.368000

Please be aware that it might get resisted if there is a signal before it appear near the resistance level for Entry 1,2, 3.

( Note: The forecast above is an estimation of the resistance and support level for the Entry, TP, and SL. For more precise positions, will depend on the shape formed with the candlestick at the time.)

Disclaimer: ALuoTradingJournal does not provide any personal advice or general advice. This is only a journal to keep ALuo in noting the trades and what the market is going on as a trading journal. ALuo will not take any responsibility for any profits or losses. Please trade at own risk.

Trade active: Came up to test its Resistance again at 1.4100 ish, it just finished its retracement, and is about to go down again