OANDA:USDHUF   U.S. Dollar / Hungarian Forint
It seems that Hungary's central bank rate cutes will come faster than the US central bank rate cuts. This could strengthen the US Dollar's currency relative to the Hungarian Forint's currency.

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Recent news:
"Hungary's central bank (MNB) has reduced its key interest rate by 75 basis points to 10.75%." (www.euronews.com/bus...ith-another-rate-cut(MNB)%20has,third%20consecutive%20cut%20since%20October.)
"MNB also released its updated economic forecast, signaling a strong decline in the forthcoming inflation report"
"The consumer price index is expected to return to the central bank's inflation target of between 4% and 5.5% in 2025."
"The MNB expects the GDP to expand by 2.5–3.5% in 2024, followed by 3.5–4.5% in 2025 and by 3–4% in 2026."

The Hungarian central bank vice president "Virág said at the press briefing that the Council has also discussed the possibility of a 100 basis point rate cut today. "

"Earlier in November, the vice president signaled that the interest rate may fall below 10% for the first time in February 2024, which has been widely interpreted that the rate of 75 basis points per month is almost certain to stay until then."

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