SPY, IWM, USDJPY defining moments

FX:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
Just posting yet another chart to show this entire market is based on currency wars, and the battles being played out. The market is entirely reactive to them. Earnings , MA, buy backs, etc. all individual events lower scale having daily influences, but it is always back to the currencies, and whatever QE stimulus the Yen, The Euro , and the Dollar have that day. Was watching the ECB from the sidelines, not brave enough to commit prior to 6/5/14. But now, this bear is taking off his winter coat, and basking in the sunshine of the warmth of the summer sun. Its ok everyone come out and play. The winter of our discontent is over. I just heard from a major secondary market supplier of tech that they expect a huge year remaining 2014 and 2015. Which means capacity will be reached, and companies will be demanding tech improvements big time, paying premiums for it (and they do have all that cash to do it with - however, no jobs added though, so this thinly veiled "recovery" is corporate/markets only, not economic - so one day this all ends abruptly - I will not change that position - so keep your stops in and your finger not far from the mouse button). I think rather than SPY falling to IWM , its the other way around from here for a while. Rotation is over for hat it was, IWM goes much higher form here. When IWM breaks through its final resistance to confirm, well, skies the limit. IMO