Fundamental Shifting of USDJPY's Risk Sentiment Pressures Price

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FX:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
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Technicals and Chart Explanation


Trendline: A trendline is a diagonal line connecting at least two price points, typically peaks or troughs, to determine the overall direction of a trend. In this case, the downward trendline suggests a prevailing bearish trend in USDJPY.

Resistance: Resistance is a price level where upward momentum is likely to stall or reverse. In the USDJPY chart, the identified resistance level could act as a barrier for the price to break through, supporting the bearish outlook.

Downward Pressure: Downward pressure refers to the selling force driving the price lower. In the USDJPY chart, the repeated instances of price retracing toward the trendline and resistance level indicate ongoing downward pressure from bears.

Double Top Pattern: A double top pattern is a bearish reversal pattern formed when the price attempts to break upward twice but fails to surpass a previous resistance level. The double-top pattern observed in the USDJPY chart suggests a potential reversal of the upward trend and a continuation of the bearish trend.

Target Zone: A target zone is a price range that a trend is expected to reach based on technical analysis. In this case, the lower target price at $145.16 represents a potential area where the bearish trend could find support.

Forecast: A forecast is a prediction about the future movement of a price based on technical analysis and market sentiment. In this instance, the forecast suggests a potential continuation of the bearish trend in USDJPY, with the price potentially reaching the lower target zone.


As a discerning observer of market tendencies, I've identified a potential double top pattern on the USDJPY chart, preceding the recent bearish price action that gathered momentum and drove prices towards lower targets. This observable pattern, depicted above the candle formations, harmonizes with the prevailing downward trendline. Repeated instances of downward pressure exerted by bears, symbolized by the red circles, have guided the USD's descent toward this trendline. Currently, I discern a price range confined between resistance and the lower target price of $145.16. Therefore, I anticipate the potential continuation of this bearish trend.

News and Fundamental Analytics

Japan's Economy Stagnates as Yen Rebounds: Japan's economy, the third-largest in the world, grew at a mere 0.2% annualized rate in the third quarter of 2023, falling short of expectations and indicating signs of stagnation. This subdued economic growth could weigh on the Japanese yen, potentially further weakening USDJPY.

US Economy Faces Recession Fears: The US economy has exhibited signs of slowing growth, raising concerns about a potential recession. If economic conditions in the US deteriorate, the dollar could lose its appeal, contributing to a further decline in USDJPY.

Geopolitical Tensions Weigh on Risk Sentiment: Geopolitical tensions surrounding the war in Ukraine and other global conflicts have dampened risk appetite among investors. This risk-averse sentiment could drive investors towards safe-haven assets like the yen, further weakening USDJPY.

Technical Indicators Signal Bearish Momentum: Technical indicators on the USDJPY chart, such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), suggest ongoing bearish momentum. These indicators could provide further confirmation of the downward trend in USDJPY.

Please note that these observations are intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and make informed decisions when managing your investments.

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Where's the price today? USDJPY fell to the trendline in the video. I mentioned my indicators signaled bearish pressure, and I expected the bears would push the price minimum to the trendline. That is unless bears go further and break the line down. With or without a breakdown, the price is already in a bearish trend, and I imagine it could reach the target price by March 2024.
USDJPY closed yesterday in the predicted area. See the bearish candle in the red circle resting on the falling trendline. All elements of the chart are still alive.
Trade closed: target reached:
Impressively swift target achievement. The AI's bearish prediction caught me off guard. I didn't anticipate the target's realization so swiftly. ☄️ I'm unsure if you followed the AI's recommendation, but I hope you made a judicious decision.


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