USD/JPY vs GOLD: following some correlations

OANDA:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
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here is the link to the moves made by Gold in the same period.

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Comment: 15 hours have passed and USD/JPY, following the release of US datas that strenghten the Dollar, confirmed support on the inverse HS spotted by @JamesEvison and reached the zone marked by the green and red arrows. Mr Evison: hope you don't mind me using your idea to follow price.
Comment: Between 109,200 and 109,900 is the price range USD/JPY entereted just below B).
Comment: Between the two black horizontal lines in bold.
Comment: The 200MA inside BB acted as a pushing force up for Gold and maybe acting the same on USD/JPY but in the opposite direction.
Comment: In view of forthcoming FED meeting USD/JPY may be looking for a top above 109,900 for a momentaneous cross of the 200MA. From there, it will depend on market reaction to Powell's comments on status of the economy and FED policies for the future.
Comment: If - following tonight FED meeting - I note that USD/JPY is pushed by that 200MA I will look for set ups targeting 108.
Comment: If Powell is dovish and US dollar weakens = it should help the push.