FX_IDC:USDRUB   U.S. Dollar / Russian Ruble
  • Psychological level acts as a local support level (might be long-term).
  • History shows that it used to act like a resistance.
  • Side trend with decreasing volatility is expected.
  • Pattern formations will occur within the geometric range of triangle.
  • Breaking above/below a line of fib channel is a signal of movement to the next series of fib ratios.
  • Scheme covers all unexpected oil factors.
Political factors such as undiplomatic tensions between Russia and "The West" also play significant role in this currency pair fluctuations.
Watch out for financial sanctions against Russian government bonds.
Crossing above red resistance downward line is a bad sign for Russian Ruble performance.
Price crossing below psychological level is a signal to start accumulating US Dollar in exponential lots.
Comment: Reference to old scheme
Comment: Touched PL


Majestic thoughts, thank you for sharing
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Thank you for the update
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fract TheSignalyst
@TheSignalyst, Thanks for checking!
Great analysis! The target is the psychological level and then to the high demand line, right?
In fact there are other exotic pairs currencies that don’t matter in which the dollar is falling to I mean just dropping as in no return. Why wouldn’t Russia be able to do such. Look up use pairs and see for yourself
fract Donajor8
@Donajor8, You gotta do your research about Russian economy.
Particularly, how price change of oil impacts the national currency of countries whose main export is oil.
Also learn how western sanctions might impact Ruble.
I don’t want to convince you about anything. Think the way you want. I don’t want to return to this kind of arguments about pathetically obvious things.
Again look at the pairs I mention and you’ll see correlation period.
fract Donajor8
@Donajor8, I've seen and studied correlation of mentioned pairs years before you joined here. :)
Still bullish?