Swedistan, rape capital of europe, in the spotlight! :D

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Swedistan was in the news, an american rapper with millions of fans got assaulted after he dared to walk into a "no go zone" (those are areas under islamic flag), he ended up in a fight with muslims that control the area and got sent to jail and was facing possibly multiple years in jail.
The US president even asked Swedistan to free him or there would be consequences. They finally did... On the rapper instagram you can see videos of part of what happened between the rapper (and his bodyguards/friends) and the couple of rapugees.

Also looks like I was maybe right? In 2016 the Islamic State of Swedistan declared it was legal to fly the ISIS flag lol... What more do you want...
Wait aren't the rapugees fleeing war and terrorism? Oh and if they did... Why are they acting all tought now in a foreign country?
Why not act tought and fight in their own?

Getting harder for the socialists to hide what is going on... Every time it is "an isolated case" "nah this don't mean anything", or they cover it up.
If they admit that their open borders idiotic ideas failed then... it means the extreme right - or as the rest of the world calls it "moderate left, center, right, moderate extreme left even and apolitical" - was right, and they won't get re-elected and maintain power and keep spreading their lies and toxic ideas.
What is it they are thinking "Oh a few million people will suffer but I am sure in a few decades this will work out", is that it?

What kind of rotten evil souls are even voting for them? People living in comfy residential areas far from it all? They ignore their own people so they may have good conscience? Huh well the priviledged, once the economy goes to zero, are going to start caring just you watch.

I see it go 3 ways eventually:
- Peacefully with reasonable changes (HAHA!)
- Just like the Arab revolutions in North Africa
- They just vote for Hitler who tells them he will kick the migrants out

Democracy started in 500 BC in athenes pretty much (Thought voting existed in Sparta in 700 BC . From wikipedia: The Apella was an assembly of the people, held once a month, in which every male citizen of at least 30 years of age could participate.). The idea grew from there, and from its creation philosophers had doubts (funny it was doubted by its creators but after that while it was active - idk about middle ages - no one really questionned it, it's just something they were born into and blindly followed because "it's always been that way". As usual the "paradigm" people have been used to is the one they never question and think will never change).

Socrates in somewhere around -450 brought forward valid points, such as what I have been saying... Letting random idiots vote? Are you serious!?
And he himself said it (in other words), when you let random cretins vote they will go for demagogues, people that sweet talk them, and thuis is what we keep seeing. Only manipulative liars with easy quick fixes ever get elected. A reality tv son of a billionaire in the US "I'll build a wall. Mexico will pay", a waitress "orange man bad. White men are the reason you are unsuccessful, not you being lazy and incompetent" etc... (I know the US people do not directly vote for president but same result they "vote" for what candidates partys choose and they vote for the voters it's not like there are any competence test).
Socrates said it would be much smarter/better/wiser to let educated people vote, people that are wise and carefully chose officials.
So obvious to me...

So much communism and socialism WW2 gulags autschwiz etc... Why is this crap still around?
It is unlikely this failed system if letting brainlets choose whoever makes them feel better "oh he looks friendly" is going to change anytime soon.

Well, all good, this means we regularly watch countries go to zero for no reason. Niiice. Less stability = More volatility = More profits. GG sorry Swedes. Rekt.
When Germany rebelled against their debtors (foreign countries + the Rotschilds) huge profit was to be made. There was a pullback and a nice double bottom on the Dow Jones, easy time to invest. Also Germany economy totally recovered in 2 years after Hitler election. And after europe was destroyed, another chance to buy cheap...

Expect a sudden violent reversal at some point in Sweden with the far right in power getting rid of migrants, and their currency reverse too.
Until then, going to zero, as long as ignorant possibly brainwashed peasants keep voting for cancerous liers that are socialists.

Also it is possible this goes worldwide, we are maybe at 80% in the cycle (with 100% being the explosion of populism and intra and inetrnational tensions just like the late 30s), a big paradigm shift is going to happen, every one will be rekt, etc. (Being in the same part of the cycle as 1930s eventually, soon, does not mean the outcome has to be the same - WW3 - it's going to be brutal thought this is almost a guarentee).

Here is the EURSEK chart:

The EURSEK trend is clearer. USDSEK had this big quick vertical up then sideways, and then a medium trend, might go into more consolidation or more vertical now.
"Markets are efficient and everything is priced in".

Here is my idea on trends (strong medium weak):

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