Money talks - bull@#$% walkz

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Okay Okay, its almost on thy edge :)
I ment money talkz bullz are walks if u dont get it (or Im not? ;)_
tell me, do u like rarities? I do. Az madness az well, BUT its a different story.

Look at thy chart friend and tell me - do u see what I see? In the reserve it would be listed in the red book. THY LEADIN' EXPAND!
Yes u may disagree and say kinda "thats a rare rarity in rare case in thy sauce of rareness" and u will be right,
BUT TELL ME: what is the probability of meeting a dinosaur on the street?!

I say: 50%. U may, or u may not. With nuances

Scratch your heads, wise men-sagez :) Time will judge us

and PS: ROCKet if u UNDERSTAND, if not - just stand. still. and dont move. and make a brain groove
lil' correction from here I suppoze
careful, correction iz not ouva! a lil blastoff (I hope it will be Flat or Mr.T)

Some cool ideaz for free, BUuT^,
if u like my ideaz, please, spare some coin to TRXwllt, it will helps MUCH and I could EAT smthn' atleast:

AND t.me/ziknowsbetter finally! ;) post some signals there