OIL: falling since then

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Comment: Because of this, Saudi Arabia was placed under unprecedented scrutiny, and economic and political pressure from the
international community. Unexpected consequences and reshape relationships in the Middle East and beyond.
Germany, Norway and Denmark have stopped the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia over the incident, and Canada is
considering freezing its arms deal.
Comment: the following markets reacted too:
S&P: made a top and started a move down
DJI: made a top and started a move down
DXY: made a top and started a move down
USD/CAD: made a low and started a move up (as inversely correlated with Oil)
USD/JPY: made a top and started a move down - I use this pair being JPY considered a safe heaven
GOLD: right on the 2nd October exited the bearish trend commenced in the Spring and started to move up (as inversely
correlated with USD/JPY).
Comment: As a consequence of the prolonged fall in Oil price, each of the following markets unfolded their moves