Vechain looking uber bullish on the 4 hour

Vechain has had quite an impressive few months working its way up the ranks. With all of the hype around a potential Coinbase listing and mention of yet another big partnership, Vechain has setup for another nice leg up. I will be looking for a breakout of the symmetrical triangle to the first resistance line before entry. Keep in mine the volatility that BTC has over the market right now as it continues its extreme consolidation awaiting its next big move. STOP LOSS STOP LOSS STOP LOSS. USE THEM.


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DankVader013 HomeSteadTrader
@HomeSteadTrader getting rekt
Bravo9743 HomeSteadTrader
@HomeSteadTrader, With BTC showing signs of a reversal, all bets are off as to where the market is going from here. I personally am not selling my VET ever tho i have am almost to my stop-loss. I cant imagine a world where Vechain doesnt succeed. They have accomplish more in this space than 99% of the market. Im extremely bullish on VET as i have this entire time. I dont mind a decent correction from the last few months of gains. I will continue stacking in the mean time.