VIBEHUB buy before VLRA Presentation May 4th-5th

VIBEHub will present at this years VRLA expo, the largest Virtual Reality conference in Los Angeles, California.

$0.290926 USD (-15.59%)
0.00003240 BTC (-11.63%)
0.00045662 ETH (-8.60%)

Market Cap
$58,160,153 USD
6,478 BTC
91,285 ETH

Volume (24h)
$2,621,650 USD
292.00 BTC
4,115 ETH

Circulating Supply
199,913,907 VIBE

Total Supply
267,000,000 VIBE

The tech industry is continuously expanding at a limitless pace as hundreds of millions of minds are connected creating one ultra-connection.
Across networks of millions of people almost instantly.

The era for a new generation of money and decentralized banking has led to cryptocurrencies! We are in the baby stages of a booming industry developing each minute.

Digital assets are increasing in interest as more and more people understand how this powerful way of transacting money or saving/investing it can be.

Over the next few decades fortunes can be made if you pay close attention to the crypto markets. It’s a global market so the amount of money is limitless.

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Basic steps to gain knowledge:1. Coinmarketcap & Research | Market Cap = | Total Supply = | Circulating Supply = | Price USD = | Price BTC= |
Then checkout the website, blog, roadmap, events, downloads
Charting + TA + Fibonacci retracement

Invest in futuristic coins with revolutionary ideas.
Experience & Learn using VR
Medical students are using VR to practice heart & brain surgery
Think about going to a concert and watching your favorite band / musician / DJ play live right in-front of you instantly.
Imagine 3D Hologram Skype / FaceTime
Talk face to face with a friend or business partner half way around the world via hologram!
Invest in the future with Virtual Reality as we become connected globally like never before! Let #VIBE as 1

A Price Target of $1+
By 2018-2020+