VIBE Fractal Alert [!!]

VibeHub. io released their trailer for VIBE or DIE, a first-person shooter integrated completely with the VIBE token. Upon defeating another player, a token is rewarded to you, as well as the other way around. A minimum balance of 1000 VIBE is required to play, with full support for Binance Coin (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH) .

The game's graphics are promising, as this coin is set up to be the first cryptocurrency with a solid VR platform, which can host games, live events, as well as spectating in full 3D.

Last time upon the explosion, Vibe went up 4x. Will history repeat?
Comment: Still haven't seen the major moves yet, currently it's iterating fractal patterns on the way to 1350 sats.
Comment: Everything's going well. I'm seeing a a good chance of a shave down to around the 800 sat range again, but that will be your last chance to get on.

Let the people on Tron enjoy their release, but we're on that VIBE.

When this blasts off there will be a pretty major retracement so you may want to take profits during the initial pump.
Comment: Perhaps a best-case scenario, if the repeating pattern really repeats. So far it's still on track.
Moving averages now in our favor, the blue is above yellow and both are facing up.
Perhaps a good selling point for now.
Another fractal of the VIBE price! Will we see a jump up or a break of the current support?
Trade closed: target reached: Consolidation time until maybe February.
We expect to see this break down and recollect around 960 sats.
Trade active
Ready for liftoff.
Vibe likes to do this thing where it stays level for a super long time and then drop. I expected a large move up but it looks like it's lingering too long and is about to make a low, which should be around the 950 sats level.
Don't take this as financial advice but according to the charts, other than the retracement I see no reason why VIBE should be down this low for long. I don't know how strongly Bitcoin's drop under support will affect how powerful this rebound could be. Stay strong?
Trade closed manually