Vesper Finance - a low market cap Defi gem πŸ’Ž - trend reversal

POLONIEX:VSPUSDT   Vesper Finance / Tether USD
I'd like to get the word out about Vesper Finance. Not many know about this low market cap Defi gem. Currently sitting at a 132 million market cap, on the charts it looking like we have a trend reversal from about a month of downward price action. Vesper is still in price discovery mode as the platform just launched about 3 months ago. This is a long term hold possibly for a year or more.

What does Vesper Finance have to offer?

- A mature easy to use, uncomplicated defi product - check out their app - a few clicks to stake and earn

- Current staking with usdc , dai, eth, btc , link and vsp (the native vesper token)

- The Vesper pool for their own native token auto compounds interest, frequently over 100 percent apr but varies

- Over 1.5 billion total value locked into the protocol (check out market cap of other similar tvl for a shock how undervalued vesper is)

- Staking pools have modular strategies, meaning easily changed to ensure appropriate yield

- Current partnership with Block Force a private hedge fund which will allow investors to stake in vespers pool, this is a first in defi.

- Vesper's co-founders are legendary Linuk Kernel developer and Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik and Bitcoin billionaire venture capitalist Matthew Roszak

Vesper's token, VSP , is constantly being bought back on the open market as part of Vesper's reward program and revenue sharing giving constant buy pressure. Only 10 million tokens will be distributed by end of year.

Vesper Finance has me very excited as an investor, they have a strong commitment to be the defi protocol to bring a wide range of investors from newbies to institutional private investors to the defi space. The fundamentals are very sound. Comparative competitors have market caps north of 1 billion dollars.

It's looking like Vesper has rebounded from the bottom and will continue the long term trend upwards from here as the entire crypto market also grows.

Just wanted to share this to anyone willing to take a look, Vesper seems to make a great long term hold.

Note: Always do your own research this is not financial advice.


Any updates ?