$WDRP Share Cancellations From The Days Of Yore

OTC:WDRP   Wanderport Corp
If there are a pair of words that are synonymous with Wanderport Corporation (OTC: WDRP) stock, they are ‘share cancellation’. As things stand, WDRP stock has been promising stock cancellations worth 100 million shares since the days of yore, otherwise known as December 2022. Having said that, WDRP recently announced that it will release promising new updates concerning its share cancellation process via a press release on the heels of other news concerning its entrance into the AI industry. Keeping that in mind, the company’s PR and the anticipated updates regarding share cancelation may send the stock on a run this week.

WDRP Fundamentals

In May, WDRP announced that it was planning on developing a new revenue stream within the AI industry, hinting that it would focus on the healthcare industry in a tweet that highlighted the benefits of AI in healthcare.

After an empty, newsless lull in June, July came around, and the company started tweeting about its intent to restructure. What likely occurred in June was that the company’s executives marinated their ideas, and developed a framework to actualize their goals, which is why the bulk of the company’s tweets in July have been the company goals and restructuring plans. One of these tweets dropped a bombshell in the form of a checklist of the company’s current goals. On that check list the company revealed that it was developing an AI healthcare app.

In August came a series of promising news concerning WDRP stock. The month started out with some less than optimal news concerning the fact that the share cancellation process was taking up more time than expected. However, the news was soon turned on its head with a revelation indicating that a 50 million share cancellation certificate was en route to the office, and will be transferred to a transfer agent upon arrival for cancellation.

After that revelation, another tweet revealed that the company intended to publish a PR that will fill in investors on the progress of the share cancellation process. That press release was then delayed due to the fact that the company decided to add updates concerning its AI tech, which will probably relate to its current AI venture into the healthcare industry.

This means that the company’s upcoming press release, which is scheduled for this week, may have information regarding WDRP’s stock cancellation process and its AI tech. This information will probably shed more light on the company’s new AI healthcare app, which is extremely promising. Given the nature of the content that will be in the press release, it will come as no surprise if the stock surges in response.

WDRP Financials

According to WDRP’s Q1 financials, its assets decreased QoQ from $191 thousand to $175 thousand, largely due to waning securities, which fell from $57 thousand to $42 thousand. Its liabilities, on the other hand, remain relatively the same, only increasing by one grand from $738 thousand to $739 thousand. Despite the disparity between the company’s assets and liabilities, it is worth noting that the company has stated that it intends on cleaning up its balance sheet, which could indicate that it intends to convert a huge quantity of its Convertible promissory notes, which are currently worth around $310 thousand.

In terms of revenue, the company has experienced a significant fall YoY from $8.6 thousand to $527, likely due to multiple issues concerning the company’s numerous revenue streams and down-scaling. Expenses also experienced a similar fall from $6.3 thousand to $450, which also hints at down-scaling. As a result of this drastic shift, the company’s net income of $725 became a net loss of $371.

Technical Analysis

WDRP stock is in a neutral trend and is trading in a sideways channel between $0.0016, and $0.0023. Looking at its indicators, the stock is currently above its 200, 50, and 21 MAs. The RSI is neutral at 53, and the MACD is curling bearishly.

As for its fundamentals, WDRP stock is poised for a run due to the fact that the company is set to publish a press release regarding its share cancellation efforts and its new AI venture. Keeping that in mind, long in anticipation of the press release and share cancelation, could prove to be a lucrative investment.

WDRP Forecast

After a long wait, WDRP may be on the cusp of canceling 100 million shares, moreover information regarding its new AI venture is likely to be revealed as well. Given the information that is set to be published during this week’s press release, the stock could witness a significant surge, which is why going long on WDRP stock could be considered a noteworthy investment.


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