Wilder - Another Hidden Gem?

KUCOIN:WILDUSDT   Wilder World / Tether
Guys, Wilder is looking legit. Such a great buy in position right now - we're at the bottom of a falling wedge . Not much room left before price has to explode. The risk to reward here is also insane. Big support around $1.36 area so that's the risk right now. I personally think WILD will go way above $6 in the long term but for the month of October, a $6 WILD is not out of the question.

Project was even mentioned by the great Raoul Pal on a tweet somewhere which he exchanged with some other influencer a few weeks ago.

Wilder launched their NFT cars already - they look amazing. This is going to be GTA but on blockchain! Huge hype coming here - don't miss out.

PS this isn't financial advice - just my opinion. I'm invested in WILD obviously.

Comment: All Targets hit. Congrats! Now just leave a moon bag and see how high this goes.
Comment: Buying back in around $4.90 to $5.20 range. Should see a consolidation for a while though (I hope anyway - better for long term sustainable growth).