BLACKBULL:WTI   West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash
short postion, we want a trade market generated information, we don't want trade biases we don't want trade randomness random number, market does two things, the market is the distribution system that seeks out value and it goes to value to value from high value to lower value it gona do so in a form of being balanced or equal and imbalanced unfair right and when its imbalanced its going to spend less time so there no value there for it searching for value
when your in the trade if your finding inbalnce occur your you gonaa stay with that trader as soon as imbalance offset by other side then it become value market will pause and trade basically turn around a price level and either at that point going to continue or large trader come in and create that imbalance once again or it comes back to the value and so you want be able to see that information as soon as available soon as you see imbalance and bounce your risk become higher there no longer imbalance that's all price sets become a fair price therefore you lose your edge and trading is all about the edge your edge is the 90% losing traders out there

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