SIlver: bearish trend reversal

FX:XAGUSD   Silver / U.S. Dollar
Silver has been posting higher lows gradually, while forming a multi-day base which suggests accumulation of the precious metal, and a change in mentality regarding its value.

The current resistance is an options expiration line, which matches the most recurrent price during a previous area of congestion during the decline that lead to the explosive surge of activity we saw during the last day of November.

I expect a rally culminating around the 18th, which should take Silver to the 19 dollar mark approximately.

My reccomendation is:
Buy silver as long as it doesn't retest 16. 40 , and sell half at 18.50-19.50. Then proceed to move the stop loss to break even for the duration of the trade, since it's possible that this initial bullishness is the prelude for a bigger rally that might continue during the first quarter of 2015. Since we are in the holiday season, we can also consider giving physical silver as a gift too ;)

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