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In last weeks KOG report we said we were expecting more selling on open but we were looking for support to form below. What we didn’t expect was the complete flush on the longs breaking that 1730 level before the quick recovery. Any pending longs placed at the key level support unfortunately would have been stopped out. What the flush did do is give us the ideal opportunity to buy back in around the 1730 level and carry the trade upwards. We’re still holding 10% of that trade from below.

What can we expect in the week to come?

Well, we’re anticipating some movement to the downside potentially targeting the 1760-55 support level . We have an Excalibur target at around the 1780 level so we shall trade with two options in mind.

Scenario 1:

If the price opens and targets the higher level of 1780-83, finds resistaance, then its likely we may see some bearishness towards the support levels. That would give us an opportunity to resume the bullish momentum then targeting the 1790-95 levels. So we’ll look for support and then take a small long trade for the higher level. IF we go straight up towards 1790-95 then we will be looking to short the market there for the lower levels of support.

Scenario 2:

If the price opens with bearish pressure and tests the lower support levels first, then that would represent a good opportunity to long the market towards the higher levels, first target being the 1790-95 price point.

This isn’t a great month to be trading the markets aggressively, the week after next we have the Jackson Hole Symposium so its very likely traders are going to get stuck in positions pre-event. We’ve traded this event several times and its very difficult to determine without experience. We would recommend traders trade cautiously for the remainder of the month. Its only two weeks of the year, as a trader you need to stay disciplined and know when to take it easy. When the market gives, takes as much as you can, when it takes, give as little as possible.

We've added the weekly char with levels. Please add these to your charts and keep an eye on the trend. It shows we have a possible weekly target of around 1809-14. So lets trade it how we see it.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our usual trade ideas and plans.

As always, trade safe.

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Sir, in your analysis, you mentioned lower level of support , does it means 1720/25, whereas you mentioned higher level does it means 1826 (as shown in the chart)
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KnightsofGold suddenSuccess24949
@suddenSuccess24949, Lower level support is 1755-60 then 1730. Higher is 1790-95 then 1810-14 then 1825
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What’s your view now?
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Great analysis.
There is a possibility in which it targets the avove levels 1790-1795 tomorrow monday and the next two days a back test to the support levels of 1750-1740 levels , from there we continue with the bullish momentum
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@samsabrie very possible. let's see how it opens and what it does during the Asian session
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Hi there
Great analysis as usual from your team
Would you like tell me about Excalibur?
Is it a system or indicator?

Thank you
Have a nice week!
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KnightsofGold riksimplify
@riksimplify, Hi, thank you. Its our own custom indicator and trading strategy.
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Sir, based on current movement, with the high hit at 1789, which scenario is this consider now? Current price 1786.