πŸ“Œ Gold: weekly options analysis for June 28-July 2.

OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Over the last trading week, the net outperformance of buyers on current CoT reports decreased by 20%.
Market volume decreased by an additional 8% to a cash equivalent of $225bn 865m.
πŸ“ The number of locked-in investor positions at the same time increased by 1%, which gives us reason to speculate about a possible corrective decline in gold prices during the first half of the new trading week.
In case of a successful test of the hedge zone (1800.00), we expect a further decline before the close of the trading week with a target of $252 million (1750.00) upside position gains.
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Trade active: πŸ’‘ Gold: market maker resistance is close!
πŸ’  As of now, the asylum currency quotes have settled close to the limit seller level (1789.48).
The main scenario for today is the continuation of the rise during the European trading session with the target: limit seller (1789.48).
πŸ“ In case the growth stops and the pattern of selling is formed during the American trading session, expect correctional decline with the nearest target,- level of the limit buyer (1766.26).
Trade active: πŸ’  Gold: the decline continues. ✍️ The closest resistance for today is the balance of the day (1780.80).
In case of breakdown and fixation above the balance of the day (1780.80), we expect increase to the current limit seller level (1788.73).
πŸ’‘ Limit buy (1769.47) and strike of weekly hedge support zone (1750.00) are the downside targets before day's close.
Trade active: πŸ“Œ Gold: planned decline to market maker loss. Decreased over the past 24 hours to a significant upside position gain (1750.00).
πŸ’‘ Today during the day expect a test of the limit buyer level (1750.13) and a subsequent rise to the limit seller level (1773.72).
Wednesday's option balance (1763.67) enters as intermediate resistance intraday.
Trade active: πŸ‘‰ Gold: decline on hold? πŸ’  The key support for today is the limit buyer (1761.33).
πŸ“ In case of a successful test of the limit buyer (1761.33) we expect a further rise with the ultimate target before the close of the trading day,- limit seller (1780.41).
Hedgerow zone (1800.00) remains the medium-term growth target.
Trade active: πŸ“ Gold: corrective rise to balance of the week. Key support for Friday is the limit buyer (1767.83).
πŸ’‘ Today during the day, expect a test of the mentioned support level and subsequent rise with limit seller (1784.72) as the target,- limit seller.
πŸ“Œ The ultimate upside target to close the trading day is the balance of the week (1795.00).
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