DeGRAM | GOLD short

FOREXCOM:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
After exiting the channel, the impulse, as such, did not follow, which means there are things that prevent this, the price was brought back under the trend support level and gold is consolidating at the moment.
I expect a fall after consolidation to strong support formed back in May 2020. Price - 1765

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XAUUSD at 1795.90000 at fall. There is no other option!
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And I like the idea, if by XAUUSD at the price get into fall.
gold in next week will break the 1790 and it may go to 1775 1770 then a strong up move will begin till 1860.
if it stayed below 1776 then 1750 is on the card .if gold breaks 1816 and stays above 1814 then 1860 will be Target.
so far the bears are strong.and it will push gold further down.
My technical analysis made it clear that XAUUSD will reach the value of 1796.57000
Nice trade overview, thanks for sharing!
Nice Idea friend :=) Congrats !
wonderful! 🦐️
Best post!Thanks a lot