Golden days For gold is over

FOREXCOM:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Maybe for the next ten years. Gold can not go to the level of 1366 .
  According to gann law. Gold will reach 1140 by the end of this year .
Of course This fall continues to 660. Over the next few years .
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any update? looks like it found resistence right at the ring you have but broke your perimeter dotted line.
Hi @ZarNegar

i'm no pro and my chart doesn't go back as far as yours but what i can see is that Gold had an inverse correlation to the trend of the global economy. Ok, that's not a new discovery. But it's also interesting to see a very strong inverse correlation between Gold and Yuan starting roughly in September 2017. Taking ECM into account might be worthy, especially for long-term predictions.


same to silver i guess
I still stacking gold/silver but i assume premium has other price ranges :)
gold sell limit stoploss....????
nice chart. I wonder if gold is mainly used by the chinese right now to protect from yuan devaluation? The patterns on the xaucny chart are much more simple to read than the xauusd. Do you think the XAUCNY has any importance?
koryu koryu
@koryu, thats my chart on it, having support around 8200 and below i would agree that gold is in real struggle
@koryu, Good
The xaucny chart is similar to xauusd but I think. It does not matter much for gold analysis.
Must rely on the original chart
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koryu ZarNegar
@ZarNegar, thanks :) If gold turns into a pet rock, bitcoin should absorb part of its market cap. Amazing times.
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