GOLD / Transistion / Boom.

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / U.S. Dollar

Too much noise under last idea. We can count this as part 2.
Yesterday part 1 ened up with meh...
Today big players , HK             , Japan is back in the game, so we def will see some action.
I am still more in favour for sell, but I can be wrong.
If yesterday 64 was like a rock, today it cleared out a little, but still, given the fact that
now daily MHI and Weekly MHI both are above close is not the best sign.

I will update on opening with my actions.
Comment: Both 64 and 55 is strong.
Wait for clear break to be safe. I am still more for a sell.
Comment: 59 in play for given moment.
Comment: I am holding my shorts from 64.. but it is confusing guys.. I don't want to make you take wrong direction.. let me think for a moment and do deeper analysis.. should we close the sell, or keep it..
Comment: on 56 now!
Comment: I think I wont close the shorts! I keep them with BE... 56 may hold tho.. but be careful! Once it breaks 56,55..
Comment: Who is still holding from 64?
Comment: on 55 now! if this breaks! I am adding to sells! But !!!!! Don't add right away! If broken wait!! wait for stabilizing under that level! Otherwise if you are adding.. you my fall in for false break! Gold is always tricky!
Comment: Behaviour suggesting that 55 will be taken out.. should have bounce better... showing a lack of buyers! so we can assume 55 is not respected so well! So we could stop our crazy train on 1250.
Comment: I am afraid about 55 holding to be honest.. it is pointed out as a daily swing target at some setups... For those who want money take it here while it is on table and lock the profits.. re-sell after break of 55.
If you are man enough and can deal with BE if that happens. Then keep it open!
Trade closed manually: I closed my short trade because of these 3 levels.

Sometimes no position is the best position, is what they say!
I will wait for clear thing to happen!
For now let's wait.
Daily swing low is completed so if we break down to enter new one. I hop in again!
Comment: Once closed, gold shooted up here. Always take money while it's there bro's!
Comment: Now let's break 55 or 64 for new trade.
Comment: Some my consider re-shorting at this level. Be careful tho.
Comment: SSI is loading up some % of longers... it tells you something?
Comment: To me it tells " be careful with longs " yet.
Comment: Hmmm... gold hesitates to go up! Believe me in these two days it should have breakout to the upside! Who was the seller yesterday? Right! London!
Big players are back in the game HK and Japan! Gold should have breakout.. for me this still looks weak since still below 64 guys! Tech is not pointing out any reasonable buy as well again below 64!!
Comment: UJ seems scary too here a little bit.
Comment: All eyes open to sentiment of daily trend
Comment: What it means is, we broke Trend identifier ( TIS ) downwards since it was below the close price.. we then came back to test it.. if we don't break 1258 sentiment could be bearish.
Comment: Static ovrview
Comment: Ignore the first number and comma ( 1. )
Comment: 61 rejected for now.. didn't enter low stage yet.. if broken.. again 64 guys 64..
Comment: I will look for shorts again at this area!
If broken ( finally ) then I give up the bear..
Be careful
Comment: I hope you locked profits down there when I said you to do so.. otherwise you can get BE now. I mean regret the fact you could take it..
Comment: Wow! 61 ( Trigger zone ) was stronger than I thought!
Comment: Damn it.. I must be sleeping or what..
I totally forgat about transistions here.. wtf
Comment: F F F F F.. I hope I didn't miss the entry here. I need to go to the oculist!! ASAP
Comment: Doing nothing here.. still waiting.
Comment: People in no way I am loking to long this below 1264.
I see you got confused with Transition meaning.
Transition here was basically an entry / gate in bear daily swing..
So it touched the entry.. I hope it goes back.. otherwise I am so mad I didn't notice this.. So if it goes down.. I lost a good entry, since I need to re-short since I closed my previous 64 shorts!
Comment: I am so mad guys!! Seems that I screwed up.. how come I miss the freaking Transition.. I even have that on this idea.. the 1262.. the white line to watch for.. and it goes down now.. And I did not enter. Crap!
Comment: thats at least 3k worth move that it already did from 1261...
Comment: I am representing the art of true anger now!
Comment: Okay I explain you what is going on here!

Look at the left.. Transitions!
Lower red ones represent Transition for sell
Blue ones represent buy transition..
At this case sell transition was in area of 1261 1262..

And look what happened!
this is ridiculous! This is what you get with sleeping 4 hours a day! Total BS
Comment: When creating Idea I named it Transition>Boom!! The funny part is that I am not participating in this boom. lol
Comment: Okay my rant is over. I feel bad.. but there is nothing I can do about it.
If this breaks 55 then we look for entry.
Trade active: Wait for a retrace back to Transition and short.. if there is no retrace back to Transition I will close the sell at 1250, because it HAs to come back to test 1256.
I hope it does it right now, so you get the entry guys!
Comment: I sold earlier.. but didn't tell you to not get you in trouble in not safe place!
Comment: Is there anyone still holding from 64 since yesterday?
Comment: If 56 not touched and goes down.. I will consider little buy from 1250, because 56 has has to be touched back after transition break!
Comment: It is how market leaves you signs of what it wants to do!
If it breaks transition and goes straight doen without testing it back.. it means it will want to return back.. so in this case buying later is very very good..
If market breaks transition and tests it, it shows you sign that bro's and gals, I don't want to go up here.. just saying.. is how I read the market.. Feel it.

Cheers.. monitor it now.
Comment: Seems Gold is not about to test 56 yet... careful here.
56 has to be met..
If keeps dropping, I will look for a buy!
Comment: Stoped on DP point, that aligns together with entry to new sell.
Let's see what's next.!
Trade active: Filled
Comment: Sell becomes invalid if Transition 1256 is broken upward to 1257.00 and 15 min candle has stable close above 1256.
Comment: I am in sell and to all people that sold with me, I wish that Transition proves to be right and we get profits here! My targets would be 50, then 44 and maybe later the initial target 38.
Comment: Seeing a fight at 55, as long orders that got triggered try to break back in...
Comment: You may consider closing sell with small minus. I keep open, and hedge if this is completelly broken. I have too big positions.. I cant close.
Comment: It never kinda broke Transition back up! Holding sell from 56. New ideas dedicated to fomc coming.
gold was too lazy in all day. china didnt make a differece. jpy trade bearish bias in general. is it calm before the storm? personally i start thinking of second big dump to under 1220.
I don't think the storm is coming.. but who knows.. we need some move deffinetly.
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since 4th Oct we didnt see any spark from big buyers, banks or others. no correction or pullback attempt over 1264. are they waiting for stg bigger?
I believe some Long shakeout will still ocure.
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On Monday Hong Kong and Japan markets were closed... Today India... might explain the sluggish nature of Gold on Monday, most of the trading is done in Hong Kong...
from 1259
im still holding from 64 :)
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Nice man! Thanks!
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What does it means by 62' angle ?
Absolute Fibonacci Theory! Long story man! Just my trading setup and knowledge.
SSI is 73% long and 27% short. If I read this, I would go for long, but why the signal is bearish and how does that affect the trades?
This is how SSI is used my friend! Remember about market makers, that know how much money is on table!
SSI is very handy tool!
Signal is bearish because majority is Long.. so in these cases we can expect Shakout, which means Gold dump, to stop out majority of longers, this is how they make money.
It is not always like that, but 90% of cases this is working very fine!
So basically we will be looking for good buy setups when majority is short.,
All clear my friend?
MetalCruisers PRO MetalCruisers
Shake Out*
lio MetalCruisers
wow, if you don't tell me, I would understand the opposite, which is very dangerous. Thank you very much.
Glad you know now! :)
hasansahoglu MetalCruisers
Hi, which software do you use for that calculation in your screenshot?
MetalCruisers PRO hasansahoglu
Fibonacci calculator.
What's that transition, sorry I'm lost
Sorry typo - transition!
the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
lio MetalCruisers
Are you going to long now?
lio lio
Noted, let's wait :)
NO bro!!
It touched sell transistion
lio MetalCruisers
Your software is so high tech, I'm lost haha. Can you help to explain a bit how to read that please?
No need to.. it is too complicated, and you don't need to know it ( software ) because anyway it wont help. I will " translate " it in updates man! No worries!
+1 Reply
lio MetalCruisers
Thank you man
I am waiting to long xau too, either break out set up or the 1220 area
64 shorts? How come can short so many, I'm very newbie
So you don't remember that we shorted this yesterday from 1264? And that I updated today to close the shorts!?
lio MetalCruisers
oh got it, 64 is the price. I thought you meant 64 mining stocks and ETFs.... :))))) Sorry
For sure, it's annoying to miss a good entry, but don't be upset too much, mate. There will be tons of new/better opportunities.
I know man! I just get very mad for making such stupid mistakes!
RafalZ MetalCruisers
Its better to miss oportunity than go into wrong way(like the greedy part of me for example);p
You are totally right!
Hi TPP. I was holding 64 from yesterday, but closed it with you at 1256
Sorry that I messed up the entry at 62 today.. it would be superb... Wait for retrace to 56 now and get in!
fruitman82 MetalCruisers
No issues my man. I still made good profit. Waiting for 1256 again. Hope it hits soon! Thanks for your work and updates
Trade with care.. cheers!
Im still holding my long at 64 and hedged it at 57. According to H4 timeframe it will go down as just the same as previous down shape.
What is DP point?
Dropping ( DP ) if broken wave 5 connects with dynamic daily swing ( wave 6 ).
earthkamol MetalCruisers
Thx sir
Are 15m charts your lowest? or you check 5m 1m as well? What is your preferred time frame?
I work only with 15 min charts. But to be honest.. TF doesn't matter for me... I just need to see where price is at.. TF not playing the role for me.
Were you not thinking to buy at 50? Why did you change your mind and decide to sell.
Gold was never 50 yet I said if 50 reached before 56.. gold reached 56 first!
boxx40 MetalCruisers
great thanks now I understand your reasoning
Cool then ;)
there sees no direction. weather is foggy for gold. going little down and litle up. waiting for friday?
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