GOLD / Discount price / Cheap Bulls. October 13 sale. Save 50%

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / U.S. Dollar
Simple Idea, never expect a fancy chart with x-mass tree on it. My charts are crap since I am not talanted artist.
But in most cases the crap is better than fancy.

Some people noticed me using JAFR, and I got questioned a lot. And yes the answer is all my strategy is built on JAFR. JAFR uses different way to draw Fibonacci, because it is used in absolute way where drawing Fibonacci tool on your chart from H to L or vice versa is incorrect. Software you see in screens I post is built only on JAFR.
Some people that read this article can pick it up and understand what is the formula behind it, but it is only 1 out of 10000 at best.

Remember that Price that you see on charts is something more than just a price.

Now let's move on to the idea.
I turned bullish here, and I invite you to buy cheap baby bulls at 1252 or 1246, the thing is you may not get it cheaper.

In this idea, I totally forgat that we had a spike down already to 1241, based on JAFR you always count of the 7 constants from targets to say it is met. Since my target was 1238, based on JAFR we can say that since gold             was at 1241 it can be counted as reached, so I am just saying that 1338 is not a must for me anymore to start buying.
GOLD / Static vs Dynamic / Join the Gold Cartel

Wave 6 dynamic floating TP 2 was 1237 yesterday, but with this Low 1249, floating points exit wave 5 and create bottom, now we have 0% 1246 together with wave 6 bottom 1244. So levels come together to create Swing bottom.

Plus all of a sudden Current gate along with triggered zone become 1252. as well Trend Identifier @50.

Market heading point lowest level lining up with all stated above:

My plan is simple, I will take little short from Transition levels to 1252,1250 area, where I buy Cheap Bulls at a discount price.
Transition levels are at 1256 1254, maybe even it is not worth             selling, this small move, but I will.
If you buy, don't freak out if we see 46.. I add if Gold             makes it there.

If you don't like this idea, no Cheap bulls for you dear!


Comment: Buy TP will be OPEN. When Gold goes up move SL to BE.
Trade active: Buy Limit at 1252.5
See you on Europe session open.
I won't be on during Asia.
Trade closed: target reached: Trade Closed in profit!
I like the fact that my followers account is recovering.
Small sell, and then buy limit.
Just woke up to close the trade. 61 is strong!
Comment: Account login can be found in my website. Take care guys!
Trade active: Given the fact that 1261, 1260 is strong and works as a Transition I shorted here guys. Little risky, but can be worth it.
Comment: And I opened sell because Gold did not Retest broken Sell transition 1256! It is obligated to touch it! It broke it and never touched. so 1256 is a must, given the fact that 60 is strong, I opened sell, because 1256 is to be seen.
Comment: Oh.. is gold going already for 56? Damn, I thought I add up more to sells at 64. If that is the case, oh well.. I add to sells if 57 taken out.
Trade closed: target reached: 56 tested.
Comment: I am very sorry, I really was not able to update you here that I moved my buy limit from 52 to 53. But people that's why I have mt4 real account I share with you! I always said you that you can see what I do there, if I am not here. You can download metatrader4 on your phone.. and my account can always be with you in your pocket, Is that simple!
Trade active: I am in buy!
Trade active: This is one of the days when things go very superb.
Small sell - profited.
Bull - Profited
Again sell - Profited,
Now buy - hopefully 4th round works too.

This is how swing trading works guys and gals!
Comment: I am targeting 64 on this last buy!
Trade active: Thank you for enjoying my trades, my pleasure to make a buck for my people.
Whole week was amazing so far.
Tomorrow we hope we get signal on Yellen speech and know the direction, so we end up this week with all trades in the money!
Comment: 1264 is very very strong based on floating waves. Wave 6 pivots line up with floating wave 100% base there. It is strong like rock! I highly doubt we break that today, but you know the market.. it moves like monster and anything can happen.
I put my TP there, and maybe even will go for sell from there, who knows, will see.
Trade closed manually: Closed buy manually. Upper floating level holds, we may see one more Transition test at 1256, if so I buy again.
Comment: Let's see if we can get price back to 56 or 54.
Be ready for some bottom buying here.
What bottom buying means is, we open BUY at the bottom, and keep it longer, and add buys on each breakout, and close it all at the top when time comes. Your equity is skyrocketing this way.
Floating waves creating bottom structure, wave5 floating upside, it is signaling a turn.
Comment: So if we buy at 1256, we can add more at break of 1264, then add more at break of 1270 and so on. Let's see what happens!
Trade active: I assume you should be filled!
Don't freak out!
Comment: We had a test of 56 just like I said.
Comment: We are between two transitions. I will take action on Temporary hedge if needed. 56 holds for now. Don't freak out!
Trade active: Thanks to all fellow bulls! We survived this. Transition Holded. TP at 64 for this trade.
Trade closed manually: Dear followers those who are monitoring account you noticed I closed the buy!
60 level failed. After Transition test it had to go up, and it cannot come below 58. It did come below 58. Please close this trade. We will have more to come tomorrow!
Today I am done, I had good calls, and nice daily trades. Tomorrow new swings come, and we will trade both events - Retail Sales and Yellen speech live, HFT is fixed.

This is it from me today, no trades will be taken!
Waiting for NY close.
Comment: Sales are over! Thank you for buying cheap bulls! Soon new opportunity to come with even cheaper bulls. Thank you for using our service! We are the best bull sellers you can ever find!
im in by 1252..just dont like odd numbers ;)
Always count in spread and price slippage.. Mine was 1253, so I get filled!
Many thanks Sir,waiting 1250 -1246 for trigger.Gook luck for us !
it seems to be moving above 1259 now!
Awesome man!
Hi TPP. Did you close the long from 1252.5? or kept it open and shorting new position?
MetalCruisers fruitman82
I always take money man, while I can, fx is full of more opportunities!!
Closed man closed! ;)
fruitman82 MetalCruisers
Great. Already closed it, but just wanted to get confirmation.

Looking forward to another day of trading. Good luck my man!
hi, what a sniper:-)
Hhaha!! Cheers bro!
that upwards move was expected, gold almost not moving despite dxy rallying, means gold s strong, was just a test of the lows, back to resistance
small buy from 57 to 61?
I will not be in this with you, holding sell, but if your strategy suggests sure do it ;)
Gix67 PRO MetalCruisers
sure i'm're the wise here, i'm trying to better understand. thanks very much TP
Never say that! I make mistakes! We all make!
Hi mate. I set my buy limit at 1252.50 but didn't get filled. Damn! Not the first time either. Sometimes I wonder bout brokers. Seeing you said 1250-1252 area I went for 1252 and added .50 for the spread. I see you're saying you set yours for 1253 but I'm surprised you got filled as price never came down that far according to my broker and from what I can see on TV's charts. May I ask where you're located as it's good to know. Thanks for all your posts. I follow with interest, work permitting.
Look at screenshot I posted in update, you can see where the price for buy limit was.
And this is my bad, I moved my limit from 52.5 to 53... just to be safe I get filled... and it was almost pip in a pip.. little lower I wouldn't be filled.
I am sorry! I moved limit but was too tired to update.. eyes where closing so bad...
Marvin MetalCruisers
No worries, I was asleep anyway. I see your order was for 1253.44 so this explains it. What city are you in?
sulbas Marvin
Missed it too :( and I checked it in my desktop software. You can see that it just step on exact 1253.00
Marvin sulbas
It's a bitch when that happens. I'll be adding more for the ask price and the spread from now on.
Come on. Are you a trader or a gambler? What I mean is that I had been studying your trading ideas and most of them are good ..... probably great. So OK this one didn´t work, so what, this is not the end of the world, so you dont need to apologize because real traders now how to loose one trade, and go for the next winning one. Thank you anyway for sharing your ideas and let other people make money. I didnt make the gold trade because I had my doubts, and right now trading the broken triangle ins US500 and US30
Easy champion! We just complains about our faith that we missed this train. Its not about TPP ;) we know there will be many many waves in this ocean to have good profits..
I care for my followers, and if I post an Idea I have to make sure we all succeed. This time People missed the buy! Simple.
I don't make an idea, just because I should do it, and later do what you want, I make an Idea with soul, and update it to keep people on track, because there is enough money for everyone, and we should take it out from there as much as we can.
+1 Reply
Its good to know about target. Thnks ;)
TPP, would it be wise to close half position on 1260-1261?
MetalCruisers fruitman82
It is always wise to take money man! Forex is rapid market and taking a pieco of cake out of it is always wise while it is there.
Take that money and run second half with BE.
So you will have money on table and second half risk free, either you get one more piece, either it ends up as a free ride for you!

Cheers my man!
fruitman82 MetalCruisers
Done and done. Cheers!
fruitman82 fruitman82
Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into your posts and updates.
MetalCruisers fruitman82
My pleasure!
im holding my buys..what a pain :)
You had a good entry. Let's just hope it can break through the levels mentioned by TPP. Good luck!
sulbas fruitman82
thank you ;)
TPP, by temporary hedge you mean that you won't close the longs from 1256, but will open temp short if it goes the other way?
MetalCruisers fruitman82
cross fingers ;)
Bulls are fighting hard
Keep up the good work and keep on posting! :) Appreciate your effort and work!
Cheers! ;)
so if not in right now what would be the best action to take. I'm new to all this and trying my best to learn and invest wisely
@TPparadigma, afeter we chat I was till 1 AM looking for AL-JAFR and I think I'm starting to know what are you reffering to. Do you use JAFR as well as Arpi? I'no quant, I'm a lawyer so ... for me 2 + 2= @ not necessarily 4.
Can I send you what I think you are trying to say?
Many Thanks!
MetalCruisers showerreport
Go ahead, sure.
And no I highly doubt someone here on TV is using Jafr.

Hi, i was out of signal on my ipad so i missed to step out, now i am in good loss, only way to me is stay in and hope reversal...what do You think ?
MetalCruisers JiriMarek
Good Loss? How come? Entry was at 56, gold is very close to it.. did you risk much?
thanks for ur guidence bro..
hello.sir.your mt4 account .can you tell me .please.thank you for your share.
it is in my website.
htqing MetalCruisers
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